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July 29th, 2009 | Author:

A Gulf Side reef design change from straight concrete pilings to piling mounted eco system reefs
will result in lowering estimated cost from approximately $330,000 from $400K to $70K.

Attendees at the July 29th Marine Sanctuary Committee Meeting agreed that it was great change. Especially in light of the reported durability of the same reefs mounted along the Alabama coast line during recent storms. Reefs located in the surf zone there withstood recent storms better than some concrete pilings that snapped. They also provide more surface area and their discs can be adjusted in height after deployment if so desired. Escambia county was also impressed with the option and is changing the design of their gulf side reef planned for the Portofino area.

Speaking of permitting –

Target dates for the permit application package and submittal to the county for official application with FL DEP and US Army Corp of Engineers are as follows:

Package to Marine Sanctuary Committee – August 7th
Package published on website – August 14th
Public Comment Meeting – August 25th
Package w/summary comments & committee recommendation to Santa Rosa BOCC – Sept 1st

July 15th, 2009 | Author:

The Race Committee needs volunteers to take charge of a planning and execution of the various things that need to get done to put on the Run for the Reef 5K on October 10th.  The list below are the areas where we need a volunteer to take charge.

  1. Post-Race Refreshments Coordinator
  2. Registration Coordinator (Filled  – Nancy Sandler)
  3. Course Director
  4. Results Coordinator
  5. Finish Line Coordinator
  6. Start Line Coordinator
  7. Aid Station Coordinator
  8. T-Shirt/Amenities/Awards Coordinator

We have checklists and other information regarding what needs to be done when  – in some cases a lot of the work is already done or planned.   What we need are some folks to step up and help by taking responsibility in one of these areas for getting things done prior to the race and on race day.

This is a great way to get involved and informed about the Marine Sanctuary and the help Make Navarre Snorkelicious.

If you can help email Mark Griffith at or call at 850-677-1875.