The Navarre Beach Marine Sanctuary is three separate reef areas at Navarre Beach County Park.  Two reef areas are in the sound (Phase I) – on the north side of the Park) and one reef area is in the Gulf of Mexico (Phase II)  just off the south shore in the park.  A phase III (currently in the planning process)  includes park improvements of a walkover for equipment and washdown stations, and a 1 mile by 2 mile new fishing and diving reef area approximately 1 mile south Navarre Beach  in the Gulf.

The concept for the project goes back to 1995 and early efforts led by local Navarre resident and activist Brenda Stokes came close to fruition but were thwarted first by funding shortfalls for the Navarre Beach (then State) park and then side tracked by hurricanes Ivan and Dennis that damaged the park severely.

The group promoting the Marine Sanctuary formed the Navarre Beach Marine Sanctuary Committee and sought to organize itself as a committee of the Navarre Chamber of Commerce.   As the group became more organized it worked closely with the Navarre Chamber of Commerce Foundation (a charitable 501 c 3 organization) which took on the Marine Sanctuary project as one of the programs of the Foundation.    The Marine Sanctuary Committee is now a board directed committee of the Foundation and responsible for managing activities, events, and grants provided to the Foundation’s Marine Sanctuary Program.

This website and other support are provided by faithful supporters and contributors to the Marine Sanctuary Committee’s efforts to Make and Keep Navarre Snorkelicious!

The links below can provide you with more information about the reefs themselves and the benefits of the program to the community are also outlined below.

The program is guided by a detailed plan that you may view here on our site.  The program enjoys the expressed support of the county government as evidenced by a 2009 resolution of support and by the Tourist Development Council who has provided support for fundraising events and for program amenities.  An expansion of the gulf side reefs has been permited as has an additional 1 x 2 mile area 1 nautical mile off the shore to the south of Navarre Beach.

Feel free to come out and join us in Kepping Navarre Snorkelicious at any of our events or at the  quarterly meetings.

Navarre Beach Marine Sanctuary Brochure

Plans and Documents


Community Benefits


$1.17 Million/Yr Economic Output



Cleaner Water

Essential Marine Habitat

Increased Biodiversity



Platform for  Grants

Compliments Marine Science Center

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