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August 26th, 2009 | Author:

Today (August 26th), the Marine Sanctuary Committee delivered to Santa Rosa County, all the federal and state permit applications and supporting information required for the sound side and gulf side diving and snorkeling reefs they are working to establish at Navarre Beach.

Applications delivered to Santa Rosa County Administrator Hunter Walker

Permit Applications delivered to Santa Rosa County Administrator Hunter Walker

There are six application packages total with one set of three addressed to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and another set of three addressed to the Army Corps of Engineers. The permit application packages are outlined below.

1. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers East Sound Side Reef Application Package
2. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers West Sound Side Reef Application Package
3. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Gulf Reef Application Package
4. FL DEP East Sound Side Reef Application Package
5. FL DEP West Sound Side Reef Application Package
6. FL DEP Gulf Reef Application Package

The next step in the process is for the county to sign and deliver the applications to Florida State DEP and Army Corps of Engineers respectively. The Santa Rosa Board of County Commissioners passed Resolution 2009-13 on May 14, 2009 which confirmed the Board’s support of the marine sanctuary and their commitment to submit the professionally prepared permit applications delivered to them by the Marine Sanctuary Committee, and hold the resulting permits issued by the federal and state governments. The Sanctuary Committee anticipates the county will submit the applications within the next ten days to two weeks.

The Florida DEP permits are issued under the state’s General Permitting guidelines which are typically issued 30 to 60 days after submission by the county. The Army Corps of Engineers approval/issuance process is estimated to take between eight to fourteen months after submission by the county due to the coordination of the large number of other governmental agencies that typically review and comment on the permit applications.

The completion and submission of the applications is a major milestone for creation of the marine sanctuary. The Sanctuary Committee is pleased to be able to meet this milestone on budget and on time, and looks forward to shepherding the permits through the approval process, and deployment of the diving and snorkeling reefs into the permitted areas of the sound and gulf.

August 14th, 2009 | Author:

Below is a link to a graphic depicting the location of each (Gulf, East Sound and West Sound) of the reef areas to be permitted.

Reef Location Graphic

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Florida Department of Environmental Protection permit application files are too large to load/access from our website. If you would like to view the .pdf versions of these files please email navbms@navarrebeachmarinesanctuary.com and request a copy of one or more of the following files and they will be emailed to you.

Corps Application Package (East Sound Side Reef).pdf

Corps Application Package (West Sound Side Reef).pdf

Corps Application Package (Gulf Reef).pdf

DEP Application Package (East Sound Side Reef).pdf

DEP Application Package (West Sound Side Reef).pdf

DEP application package (Gulf Reef).pdf

July 29th, 2009 | Author:

A Gulf Side reef design change from straight concrete pilings to piling mounted eco system reefs
will result in lowering estimated cost from approximately $330,000 from $400K to $70K.

Attendees at the July 29th Marine Sanctuary Committee Meeting agreed that it was great change. Especially in light of the reported durability of the same reefs mounted along the Alabama coast line during recent storms. Reefs located in the surf zone there withstood recent storms better than some concrete pilings that snapped. They also provide more surface area and their discs can be adjusted in height after deployment if so desired. Escambia county was also impressed with the option and is changing the design of their gulf side reef planned for the Portofino area.

Speaking of permitting –

Target dates for the permit application package and submittal to the county for official application with FL DEP and US Army Corp of Engineers are as follows:

Package to Marine Sanctuary Committee – August 7th
Package published on website – August 14th
Public Comment Meeting – August 25th
Package w/summary comments & committee recommendation to Santa Rosa BOCC – Sept 1st

June 10th, 2009 | Author:

The grant application package for the 2009 Impact 100 Grant is complete and has been delivered.  The Marine Sanctuary has submitted the grant package in the Environmental category.  There are five categories, each with an award of $102,800.   The grant specifically targets using the funds for the Phase II sound side reef due to the ability to actually complete all the Phase II work before Fall of 2010 should we get the grant.

A site visit will occur where two to three of the Impact 100 grant reviewers visit with us to learn more about our project and the Chamber Foundation (the 501 c 3 that we opperate under).  The site visit should occur in the July/August time frame with finalist selected the latter part of September.

Finalists make a presentation in October immediately prior to the final selection of grantees.  Think good thoughts and spread the word about our great project and the wonderful community benefits with regard to Environment, Economy and Education.  We feel it’s definitely grant worthy.    Here’s to hoping Impact 100 helps us to “Make Navarre Snorkelicious”.