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September 17th, 2009 | Author:

Impact 100 Pensacola announced today at a press conference that the Navarre Beach Marine Sanctuary is among ten finalists that will compete for five grants of $102,800 in each of five categories.  There are two finalists per category – the Marine Sanctuary is in the Environmental category.

This is a huge opportunity for the Marine Sanctuary Program ,and can provide most of the necessary funding for the completion of Phase II (sound side reefs).  The final determination will be made after brief presentations by each finalists to the entire Impact 100 membership at their annual meeting on Sunday October 18th at 1:45 PM.

We believe the positive environmental benefits that will come from the sound side reefs – up to 1.8 million gallons of water filtered per day, increased biodiversity and juvenile marine species habitat – is very grant worthy.   In addition the Marine Sanctuary project provides huge economic and educational benefits for the area with an estimated increase of $1.17 million in annual economic output for the combined gulf and sound side reefs and increased local educational institution and grant funded study opportunities,

The Marine Sanctuary Committee is is honored to be among this years finalists and is very grateful to the ladies of Impact 100 – not only for the current grant program but for their continued contribution to making our community a better place to work and live.